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May 27, 2011
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Misha Collins as Castiel by Ilojleen Misha Collins as Castiel by Ilojleen

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:pointr: size: A4
:pointr: pencils, F, H, HB - 8B, a regular eraser and a kneaded eraser
:pointr: time: I dunno, a loooot D:
:pointr: WIP:…

About the drawing
This guy with "WTF" face you can see above is Misha Collins, the funny, charming and handsome actor who plays the angel of Lord, called Castiel, in Supernatural. I fell in love with this character as Cas is sooo socially awkward. Who doesn't love socially awkward angels, come on! :lol:
I also fell in love with Misha, not only for playing Castiel. I'm kinda addicted to his hilarious twits - I adore his specific sense of humour. And I love Misha even more for this:… - watch it, you won't regret if you're kinky :lmao:

I started drawing Misha as Castiel over month ago, and finally finished his portrait a few days ago. As I usually draw serious faces, I decided to show some emotions [it's one of my art resolutions I'm fulfilling this year... ^^]. I chose the screencapture from the 1st episode of the 4th Supernatural season, which was also the 1st episode that starred Misha. This one actually comes from Dean and Castiel conversation, when Cas is surprised that Dean thinks he didn't deserve to be saved from perdition [… - 3:50 or sth], but when I was drawing it, I was trying to obtain sort of a facial expression that shows disappointment, like "Dean, your behavior was highly inappropriate, my expectations towards you vary drastically from what you have done" [yeah, I've just tried hard to sound like Castiel, but I failed :XD:].
A part of this blurry background was supposed to be back of Dean's head, but as I had some troubles with paper [it became too slippery], I had to make it differently.
And I struggled a lot with his eyes and eyebrows. At the beginning Misha was crossed-eyed, then he looked rather pissed off than let down [or surprised]. Now it's all fine and I'm happy with the result :aww:

:damphyr::iconcastielrapefaceplz: Castiel approves! Hope you do, too :dummy: Comments and favs are more than welcome :heart:

I claim no ownership of the characters used in this image. Characters of Supernatural belong to their creator Eric Kripke as well as Warner Bros. Television and Productions.
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This piece is stunning. Not only does it grab my attention because it is Castiel (my favourite SPN character =] ) but it is one of the best traditional portraits I have seen of him.

Not only does it grab you with depth of shading, it draws your eyes to his, which harbour more emotiion than in many portraits of this scene. Rather than just disappointment, there's also sadness and frustration. This makes me think that you see another side to Castiel before you ever really know him.

You use a great technique in your portraits, this one in particular is fantastically proportioned and amazingly detailed. There are some parts where the shading is a little too dark, however, which makes it a bit patchy. The texture and shading of the face makes it look near-photographic, especially with the eyes that have the right amount of dark pencil for the iris and eye lashes, to contrast the nearly pure white bits.

You have a great eye for observation, with this portrait you have drawn both what is there physically, and what you see emotionally as an artist.

Keep up the amazing work!
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Thanks loads, Anastasiya :iconwhitekokorox:
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It is stunning!
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Jaki cudny Misha <3 
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